We are both

Above is an excerpt from “The Thunder: Perfect Mind”. It was sent to me from a friend and each time I read it, it evokes a fire within me. A reminder of all that I am and all that I have been. A message of forgiveness, grace, and clarity. The big bold sign from the heavens that I am welcomed to show up exactly as I am in each day that I am living.

The power is in the acknowledgment that we are on both ends of it all. I have read that passage over and over, each time gaining another bit of its wisdom. I could write infinite ways this resonates within me, but I will start with what hits my heart first.

When you look and see the negative parts of a person it is because you feel wronged usually. Odds are that person hurt you or triggered you in some way. That person is also more than the negative thing you see. What we see can be accurate and hold your truths. Within that truth also lays the truth of another. Our truth is founded on our perspective, emotions, and Trauma.

Using myself as an example…

I have mocked others and I myself have been mocked.

I am a daughter, I am the mother of a daughter.

To someone I’m a “Crazy ex-girlfirend”, to my husband I am loved, and cherished.

I have gossiped and I have been gossiped about.

I’ve hurt people with my words, and I have used my words to help people heal.

I have been unkind and hurt people just as I have given, loved, and helped another.

I am all of it. I am good, I am bad, I and loving, I am all of them and none of them at times. I mess up. I get it right. I am positive. I am negative. I am neutral. I am me.

We are all- BOTH! At any given moment in time you’re something different. There are people who only know a version of you, just as you only know a version of them. When you remove yourself from the actions of others it invites the opportunity to see that they are just as you are. A complex, multifaceted, person going through life reacting an acting in their unhealed trauma. Not light nor dark but as both. All we can ever be is where we are. That space will be dramatically different for each of us given where, if at all we are on our healing journey.

You can use boundaries, healing and self-love to determine who and what works for you in other people. You can walk away from people who aren’t aligning with the version you are right now. You can forgive yourself for who you’ve been and the mistakes you’ve made. You can choose to heal, grown ,and evolve into a million different versions of yourself in this lifetime through life lessons and accountability. You can walk away from what doesn’t serve you with love in your heart not anger on your sleeve. You can do that because whatever version you experience from another person has absolutely nothing to do with you.

Here’s to the amazing gift of the ever evolving spirit within us. May we recognize that we are more than our mistakes, and love the parts where we fall short. Recognizing that without the fall we can’t appreciate the rise to our feet. As time and time again we will receive the humble reminder that we are never superior to anyone.

We are both….

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