Marley Moo

Marley Moo Hillkirk, our Moo Moo. She was our runt, with skinny legs, a “husky” body, and the sweetest face you’ve ever seen. Marley loved to give kisses, or as we called them moochies. If you made the kissing sound she’d come running from another room to kiss your face off.

We got Marley in December 2008. We already had our first dog Izzy and wanted to add another cockapoo to our crew. I had picked out a chubby bigger chocolate one from the liter, but when Jay looked at them he immediately said no, we are getting the tiny little black one. She’s the one! That was that, Marley was ours.

We got engaged a week before that Christmas in 2008. When we drove back to Ohio for Christmas we picked her up from my Aunts house. She had gone to get Marley and her new puppy Abby for us. She was so tiny! She fit so perfectly into our family.


(Marley, Christmas 2008 at 2 months old)

(Izzy 2, Marley 2 months)

(First family photo with Marley Moo)

When we had our first child, Cooper, she was the first of the two dogs to give him a very wet kissed welcome. Our first dog Izzy has always been the mother hen to our kids, the protector. Marley has been the lover. The one who snuggles them. She’s always happy and excited to be with the kids.

(Cooper amd Marley)

Marley is loved by each of us, but she’s Jay’s girl. Her favorite spot was to be curled up with him. She loved to lay on his old brown blanket on the couch.

The unconditional love dogs give us is unmatched. They keep showing up for you. Dogs make a family whole. Our two cockapoos have slept with us since day one. Tonight our bed is going to be a little less crowded, and I’m dreading it.

I took Marley to the vet yesterday for a leg that was bothering her, but could not shake the nagging feeling that something was wrong. I knew she was suffering in a way not related to her leg. An x-ray would reveal swollen lymph nodes, liver, and a spleen on the verge of rupturing.

We decided to help end her suffering. We brought her home for one last good meal of eggs and cheese. Got her a bone to chew on. Ended her night with ice cream and snuggles. Last night was such a gift. I kept thinking about what a blessing it was to get one more night. To get to say goodbye. I wish we could give the same grace to humans who are suffering. Thank you for 11 years Marley Moo, you were the best!

Our last night with Marley Moo is pictured below 💖😭

Marley With her Best Friend Izzy on her last day in earth.

Marley Moo Hillkirk

(October 21, 2008- November 7, 2019)

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