Author: Laura Hillkirk

  • Resilience, the trophy no one wants

    My parents divorced when I was 5. I vividly remember the day my Dad left. After the divorce my Dad will start to walk away from his children entirely. People say oh kids are resilient, they adjust. I mean they do adjust but isn’t that just survival? We adjust because we have to in order […]

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  • Keeping God Laughing

    Three years ago my life would change in ways that on this day in 2019, I could never fathom. You can read the details in this blog post. Today as I reflect on that day, I’m recalling the fear of being seen. The fear of being wrong. The fear of how people would judge me. […]

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  • We are both

    Above is an excerpt from “The Thunder: Perfect Mind”. It was sent to me from a friend and each time I read it, it evokes a fire within me. A reminder of all that I am and all that I have been. A message of forgiveness, grace, and clarity. The big bold sign from the […]

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  • What was and what can never be

    Grief is hard, we all know that. What I think no one talks about is how much grief changes you. The change is drastically different for each person. Not only does it change people but your life changes so drastically. When I lost my best friend there was the grieving of her presence. There was […]

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  • Remembering the dark

    The past few days I’ve been thinking about times of darkness. My reflecting on my past was inspired out of gratitude. That sounds odd to be grateful for the dark, sad, and overwhelming times from my life. My gratitude is for my survival. The remembering is a stark reminder that pain and suffering is a […]

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  • Not a man in the sky

    I often get asked if I believe in God. As if somehow the idea that I believe in something greater than myself somehow collides with who I am and what I do for a living. Sometimes there is a shock in the face asking the question “Do you believe in God?” when I reply, “yes […]

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  • Small town living

    Small town living…. As a kid I couldn’t appreciate or understand the gift of being raised in a small town. As a young kid it was freedom, we rode our bikes everywhere from sun up to sun down. Not a cellphone or parent in sight. We would bounce from park to park, yard to yard […]

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  • Unspoken Competition

    Competition is by definition the activity or action of competing. We start at a young age being programmed to compete in every single aspect of our lives. We then turn everything thing we do into a comparison with others. Competition belongs in sports and certain places in life. Healthy competition can be fun and build […]

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  • A year to remember

    This past year is one I’ll never forget. It’s not just because we lived in a global pandemic, although that is certainly a big part of it. 2020 has been a year of big lessons, growth, and so much learning. Ten years from now I will look back on this year, as one that changed […]

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  • Wish them well…

    The people who have hurt you. The ones being unkind, are only projecting something from inside of THEM. There are some people that no matter how much you try, will never change. People who are not happy with themselves or their own lives are usually not very nice to other people. It’s a good indicator […]

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