About Me

I’m a wife and mother of two amazing kids. I love the life I’ve built with my husband. Most days you can find me in the throws of motherhood just trying to keep it all together. I enjoy using natural ways to help my friends, family, and clients heal. I am a medium and Intuitive healer who is passionate about helping others on their healing journey. My story is filled with anxiety, grief, and ultimately healing. Sharing the messy parts of life in hopes that it will help someone along the way. 

I have had my intuitive gifts since I was a child. I have vivid memories of seeing and communicating with the spirit world as early as age 5. As a child it frightened me, and gave me anxiety. I shut out this part of me for decades. When I finally came back into it, I began to realize I was in charge of this gift. The fear went away and I began to use my intuition to help other people. I’m grateful to be able to share this with other people and bring them comfort when it’s needed. It is important to me that when using my intuition it is being used for healing. 

My healing journey began almost 4 years ago, when years of grief and trauma caught up to me. I was unable to pretend that I was ok. This healing began with a reiki session and I never looked back. I have learned that healing is a never ending journey of self discovery. It is through healing my own traumas that I’m able to help others. Writing has become my creative outlet and therapeutic release.

I’m a Reiki Master Teacher, Practitioner, and intuitive healer. Reiki is an energy healing and relaxation modality. It works with subtle energy points of your body, removing what is no longer serving you. It creates a sense of relaxation and promotes healing within the body. I am passionate about helping others in their healing journeys. I provide classes where we learn about the bodies energy fields and chakra points. I also enjoy teaching others Reiki and attuning them to continue in their journeys as a healer. I offer deep trauma healing sessions where we dive deeper into your spiritual body to unlock your connection to self, while remove what has been weighing you down. The connections I make with these clients are amazing and always bring me some kind of wisdom. I learn from other peoples experiences as well as my own. My mindset is that we are never the know all of any one subject but rather a student for life. While I have much to offer in the wisdom I’ve acquired through experience and life lessons, it is merely my perspective.

I hope to meet you,

Laura Hillkirk